Whitworth CS90

Flour milling is a process that involves grinding wheat grains into fine powder to produce flour. Flour is an essential ingredient for many food products, such as bread, pasta, cakes, and biscuits. The quality and consistency of flour depend on various factors, such as the type and condition of wheat, the milling equipment, and the milling parameters.

One of the most advanced flour mills in the world is located at Whitley Bridge in Yorkshire, UK. It is owned and operated by Whitworth Bros. Ltd., the largest flour miller in Europe. The mill was built in collaboration with Bühler, a Swiss manufacturer of grain processing technology, and it is the first ‘Mill E3’ in the world.

The ‘Mill E3’ is a revolutionary concept that aims to optimize the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of flour milling. It uses innovative technology to reduce space requirements, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. It also enables digitalization and automation of the entire milling process, from raw material delivery to finished product dispatch.

One of the components used at the Mill E3 is the Samplex CS90 truck probe. The Samplex CS90 is a time proven device that can take representative samples of wheat from trucks or trains before they enter the mill. The samples are then transported to a reception chamber where they can then be viewed and analysed for quality and moisture content.

The Samplex CS90 truck probe has several advantages over manual sampling methods. It is faster, safer, more accurate, and more consistently reliable. It can sample a variety of products, such as wheat, barley, oats, corn, and animal feed pellets, and has a telescopic arm that can extend to provide great coverage of the truck, allowing for variable pre-programmed sampling patterns. It also has a patented Unique spear design that ensures product enters the spear under gravity only, providing a truly representative sample.

The Samplex CS90 truck probe is essential for ensuring the quality and consistency of flour produced by the Mill E3. By taking representative samples of wheat before milling, it allows for better control and adjustment of the milling parameters. It also helps to prevent contamination and waste of raw materials.

The Samplex CS90 truck probe is one of the most technologically advanced bulk truck sampling devices in the world. It is used at the most advanced flour mill in the world because it provides valuable representative sampling that can improve the efficiency and profitability of flour milling.

For further information on the advanced Mill E3 concept by Bühler please see the following video: 

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