Samplex Grain Sampler

Optional Extras

Samplex Range Accessories

A number of additional features all can be added to the Samplex Bulk Samplers to better suit the requirements of a site. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Observation System

A High Definition camera is attached to the head of the machine so that the top of a vehicle can be seen by the operator through a monitor. This is a vital addition when the operator is not in a raised building with a clear view of top of the vehicle.

Column for CS90

An alternative machine support with a Galvanised finish for the CS90.

Powder Coating

Samplex machines can be powder coated after galvanising to either Samplex red or to a company’s brand colour.

CS Arm Deflector

Samplex samplers can be fitted with an optional Arm Deflector, which is designed to minimise the possibility of the machine arm becoming obstructed on trailers or sheeting bars.

CS Arm Deflector

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Hose Hanger

Samplex machines can be specified with our unique Hose Hanger Assembly, which neatly takes care of trailing hoses.

Noise Reducing Reception Chamber

The Noise Reducing Reception Chamber is an optional extra for the Samplex Bulk Sampling range, which has all the features of a standard Reception Chamber but also reduces noise by up to 14db.

Dual Lane Mode

Ideal for facilities with a high throughput where speed is important. An addition to the Control Unit allows the sampler to automatically sample from two sides, with a 340° range.

Tanker Mode

Tanker Mode

This is a manual operation mode that gives accurate, downward movement control so that the Unispear can be guided into the portholes of tankers.

Traffic Lights

Operated from a Control Unit, vehicle drivers can be informed when the sampling procedure is complete thereby enabling a smooth flow of traffic and increased site safety.

Purging System

This is an effective sample line cleaning system which can be fitted to eliminate sample contamination when changing products.

Reception Chamber Level Detector

This feature is used when the Sample Reception Chamber is out of view from the operator. The control unit indicates when the chamber is full and requires emptying.

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