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Insectomat 5K insect detection system

In recent years, the Insectomat 5K, Made in Britain by TEKPRO, has garnered significant attention and witnessed a surge in demand worldwide. Let’s delve into the reasons behind its growing popularity:

1. Effective Insect Detection:

The Insectomat 5K is a desktop insect detection machine capable of screening up to 5 KG of cereal grain at a time.
It boasts an impressive 100% insect detection rate and can identify even a single insect within the sample.
Traditional methods, such as hand sieving, are slow and unreliable. The Insectomat provides a quick and accurate alternative for testing wheat, barley, and oats for insect presence. Early screening and detection at the point of intake help prevent later and potentially costly infestations in stored grain.

2. Exclusively Made in Britain:

The Insectomat range was designed and developed in close collaboration with the Home-grown Cereals Authority. Since then, it has been exclusively manufactured by TEKPRO in the UK. 
TEKPRO products adhere to high standards, using quality materials.

3. Risk Reduction and Health & Safety:

Almost all grain is susceptible to insect infestation.
The Insectomat’s ability to detect pests in large samples helps combat infestations before they contaminate larger quantities of grain. Unlike traditional methods, which examine only a small portion of grain, the 5K Insectomat can detect insects in up to a 5 KG sample. It significantly improves health and safety standards compared to manual sieving.

4. Speed and Efficiency:

The Insectomat is up to 180 times quicker than the Berlese Funnel Method. Its fast and easy-to-use design ensures efficient insect detection. Whether it’s oats, wheat, or barley, the Insectomat streamlines the process.

5. Global Adoption:

Mills United in Germany, after experiencing an infestation in a load of barley, invested in Insectomat 5K machines for their sites to prevent recurrence. Other busy UK flour mills and grain storage sites have also recognized its value and incorporated it into their intake areas. The global agriculture and feed industries have embraced the Insectomat due to its reliability and accuracy.

In summary, the Insectomat 5K’s effectiveness, British manufacturing pedigree, risk reduction capabilities, speed, and global adoption contribute to its continued growth in demand. As the world grapples with food security and quality, the Insectomat continues to play a crucial role in ensuring insect-free grain storage and distribution.

For more information, visit the Insectomat page on the TEKPRO website

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