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At TEKPRO, we are passionate about creating and delivering high-quality test equipment for post-harvest sampling and testing. From our headquarters in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, our family-owned business has grown to become the UK’s leading sampling company, with a global reach of over 100 countries.

We started our journey in 1989, with a vision to help customers cope with the pressures of the global food markets. We have a dedicated team of electro-mechanical engineers who design our products in-house, using cutting-edge technology and British craftsmanship.

We understand the importance of food and ingredient traceability for the agricultural industry and policymakers. That’s why our equipment produces accurate and representative samples that meet the strict standards of food quality and safety. We also support the ‘farm to fork’ strategy, which aims to build a safe, secure and sustainable food system. We work closely with the industry’s regulators to ensure our products help them achieve their goals.


In Short – We value simplicity, reliability, and longevity in everything we do.


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The Samplex range consists of Bulk Samplers which are distinctively designed to ensure quality testing via a patented gravity-fed UniSpear to effectively generate a truly representative core sample, and which complies with the standards as set out in ISO24333. This range is accurate and adaptable for site-specific requirements as the sample consistency eliminates the associated risks with manual sample collection.

The Holmen pellet durability tester range are exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by TEKPRO under licence from Borregaard. It is important to understand the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) effect which assists with the control of pellet quality. The Holmen range of testers can provide quality insights which is capable of increasing productivity and profit, by reducing energy and time-consuming reworking. 

Our Insectomat Insect detection machine quickly and efficiently tests for the presence of insects within Wheat, Oats or Barley. This equipment allows customers to quickly check 5kg samples from loads to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of infestation in stored grains. The product was originally developed in collaboration with the Home Grown Cereals Authority in the UK.

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