TEKPRO are pleased to confirm that they have been awarded a multi machine order for one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of industrial wood pellets, which are used by large-scale power generators in the UK, Europe and Asia. The quality focused end user recognised that this latest evolution of the ever popular Benchmark setting, Laboratory based Pellet Durability Tester is capable of performing a consistently repeatable test, while also recording the results automatically. One additional new feature of the machine, is the addition of an Ethernet connection, this now enables network communications, including real-time test results and the ability of a daily summary of results to be sent by email. 

Tekpro have continued to see demand increase for the more automated models in the ever popular  Holmen range of  Pellet Durability testers, with many customers say this allows for greater consistency of the test process, irrespective of who is working in the laboratory, this is particularly ideal during times when staff availability can change at short notice.  

Further details here: https://tekpro.com/holmen/holmen-nhp200-automated-feed-pellet-durability-tester/ 


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