TEKPRO, the UK-based company that specializes in grain sampling equipment, has secured another export order to Australia for its Samplex CS90 truck probes and Samplex spare parts. The order is a testament to the quality and reliability of the Samplex products, which have been manufactured by Tekpro for over 30 years.

 The Samplex CS90 truck probe is a versatile and efficient device that can sample a variety of products, such as grains, oilseeds, and pulses, and pellets. It is used in high throughput facilities worldwide, such as ports, terminals, mills and silos. The CS90 truck probe has a patented spear design that ensures product enters the spear under gravity, providing a representative sample that is crucial for accurate testing and quality control.

 The Samplex CS90 truck probe also has a unique gravity-fed sampling system and variable aperture control, which allow it to take a sample from the full depth of the load without any cross-contamination or damage to the product. The 340° rotation and extendable arm enable variable sampling patterns, which are required for different types of loads and vehicles. The CS90 truck probe is built with durable materials and an electro-mechanical drive system, which ensure low maintenance and long service life.





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Samplex CS90 Truck Probe

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