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The Chinese pork feed industry is one of the largest and most competitive in the world, producing millions of tons of feed pellets every year for the domestic and international markets. However, the quality and durability of feed pellets can vary significantly depending on the raw materials, processing methods, storage conditions and transportation modes. Poor quality pellets can result in lower feed intake, reduced animal performance, increased dust emissions and higher production costs.

To ensure the optimal quality and durability of feed pellets, many Chinese pork feed producers have started adopting the NHP200 Series 2 pellet durability tester, a flagship product of TEKPRO,  a British company which specializes in pellet testing solutions. The NHP200 Series 2 is a desktop tester that can calculate the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) of feed and wood pellets between 3mm and 12mm by simulating the pellet transportation environment from mill to trough. The machine is semi-automatic, which means it requires less human input and is quicker than alternative methods. The machine also has a high reproducibility accuracy of ± 0.1% PDI and can store and display the results on a colour LCD touch-screen or print them or send them to other software by Ethernet socket.


The NHP200 Series 2 has also attracted significant interest from other Chinese and international animal feed and wood pellet producers at a recent China Feed Industry Exhibition, an important platform for showcasing new achievements, exchanging new experiences, communicating new information, spreading new ideas, promoting new cooperation and promoting new technologies in the animal husbandry and animal feed industry. TEKPRO reported that they received many inquiries and orders from potential customers who were impressed by the machine’s performance and features.

The NHP200 Series 2 is a testament to TEKPRO’s commitment to providing high-quality pellet testing solutions that meet the needs and expectations of their customers around the world. As the Chinese pork feed industry continues to grow and face new challenges and opportunities, the NHP200 Series 2 will be a valuable tool for ensuring the quality and durability of feed pellets and enhancing the competitiveness and profitability of pork feed producers.

Further details here: https://tekpro.com/holmen/holmen-nhp200-automated-feed-pellet-durability-tester/ 




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