The IL50 / IL55 Transfer System is used to sample and transfer product from a production line to the reception chamber. Allowing sampled product to be removed and tested to your requirements. Product is then transferred from the production line using Air Flow Motors to draw it back to the reception chamber.

Capable of transferring a vast range of products, using standard Reception Chambers and 1.5″ hoses. However, special Reception Chambers and 2″ hoses allow larger products to be sampled and transferred on request.

It can be operated in two modes, single (1) or multiple (8 ). Single mode will allow one Transfer Operation to take place. Multiple mode, once started, will continue to carry out Transfer Operations at the timed intervals preset.

The System is fully programmable allowing Transfer Time, Number of Samples, as well as Time between Samples and Time between Sample Operations to be customised. The Transfer System also has an optional External Start facility. This means that each Transfer Operation can be started remotely by the use of a simple switch or a signal from mill operations.