We are pleased to announce Tekpro Ltd have been awarded a significant contract for the supply of bulk truck and inline sampling equipment for a major animal feed manufacturing company for one of their newest aqua feed plants in Ecuador.

This project will consist of multiple Samplex  IL50 Inline samplers, as well as our recently developed Samplex CSClear grain return system which is designed to keep excess grain our of the testing environment. This will be used in conjunction with our ever popular Samplex CS90 Bulk truck probe at raw material intake.

The Aqua feed mill will also be testing shrimp feed durability using a Holmen NHP100 fitted with a 1.25mm mesh screen, designed especially for small feed products.


Samplex CS90 Bulk truck sampler

Bulk Sampling

Samplex CSClear Excess grain return system

CSClear Grain Sampling System

Samplex IL50 Inline Sampler

Samplex IL50 Inline Grain Sampler

Samplex Inline Sample and Transfer System

Inline Transfer System

Samplex CSClear Excess grain return system

Samplex CSClear

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