TEKPRO, the UK-based company that manufactures sampling equipment for the food and agriculture industries, can announce that it has received another large order for its Samplex IL50 inline samplers from a major food supply chain company in the United States.

The IL50 inline samplers are designed to take spot samples of free flowing grains, cereals and pellets from the transfer duct, either manually or automatically. The samples can then be collected by gravity or transferred to a laboratory using a pneumatic system.

This order is a significant achievement for Tekpro, which has been developing and producing sampling solutions for over 30 years. Samplex IL50 inline samplers are versatile, low cost and easy to install and control, and can help food companies ensure the quality and safety of their products by providing accurate and representative samples for testing and analysis.

The US client, which has not been named for commercial confidentiality reasons, is one of the largest in the world and operates in multiple countries, producing a wide range of feed and food ingredients used across the food supply chain.

The company has chosen Samplex IL50 inline samplers for its production lines that will process various types of materials used in the feed industry.

Tekpro expects to complete the manufacture and shipment of this order by the end of Q3 2023.




Samplex IL50 Inline Grain Sampler

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