India is a huge and growing market for pet food, with a pet population of over 31 million in 2021. Pet owners in India are becoming more aware of the quality and safety of the products they feed their furry friends. That’s why the worlds leading pet food manufacturer with a factory in India, decided to invest in a reliable and accurate sampling solution for their raw materials.

The company chose the Samplex CS90 truck probe from TEKPRO, the UK-based company that specializes in bulk sampling. The Samplex CS90 truck probe is a device that can sample different types of products, such as grains, pellets, and powders. It uses a patented spear design that ensures a representative sample, which is important for quality testing.

The Samplex CS90 truck probe is one of the best-selling products of TEKPRO, which has over 30 years of experience in the field of bulk sampling. TEKPRO also offers other products widely used throughout the grain storage and feed industries, such as insect detection and pellet durability testers.

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Samplex CS90 Truck Probe

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