Feed Design Lab

TEKPRO are pleased to announce that from the 1st of November 2019, they are entering into a three year partnership agreement with Feed Design Lab: the Dutch based research & education centre for innovation and sustainability of the feed industry. Feed and technology companies internationally cooperate in an open innovation network to reach a sustainable animal production chain. In order to reach this goal, a production facility has been established in which research on new raw materials takes place, where new healthy feed can be developed, where new production techniques can be tested, and where education and training activities can take place. 

As part of this relationship, TEKPRO supplied their Market leading advanced Holmen NHP200 Series 2 Semi-Automatic Laboratory-based pellet durability machine, which is capable of providing benchmark results to enable quality-focused feed mills to benchmark their durability results.

About Feed Design Lab: Feed Design Lab is the leading practical research and education centre for innovation and sustainability in the animal feed sector. More than 100 companies from across the sector, based both in the Netherlands and abroad, are partners in Feed Design Lab and participate actively in their network. Feed Design Lab has three primary activities: renting out their test plant, providing training, and developing projects. Feed Design Lab is unique in this. Nowhere else in Europe do research, training and trial feed production all take place within the same institute.

About Holmen: The Holmen pellet durability tester range is exclusively designed, manufactured and marketed by TekPro under licence to Borregaard. It is the animal feed industries de-facto Benchmark setting Pellet Durability Tester.  Knowing your Pellet Durability Index can assist with the control of pellet quality, increased productivity, and help to reduce energy consumption, and the need for costly and time consuming reworking. The Holmen range of testers can provide quality insights to help optimise production efficiency in busy mills.